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Here is the brand new single released by Jay Elle: Never Dreamed (I Could Be the One). 

"I'm a dreamer, I dream of so many things

My castles in the air have mighty wings

My glass is half full, big pies in my sky

My head’s in the clouds, Oh yes, I can fly

But never ever even I

Would dare pretend

I could be with you..."

Already on rotation on the following stations: KLSC, KITI, KATF, KBPK, KCAJ, KDEM, MUSIC 1, WCSM, WVVV, KKHJ, KQMA, KRTZ, KSYV, Indeez Station, WQRY, Agora FM, MoveHits Radio, NetRadio, OntheCity Radio, TSSY, Watts FM.

Never Dreamed (I Could Be The One) (Brent Kolatalo Mix) (